Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

The benefits of Yoga and Meditation are time tested.  These are ancient methods of personal development, physical fitness along with mental, emotion and spiritual wellbeing.  When you begin your Yoga and Meditation practice, you may begin to experience a new found happiness, peace and patience in your daily life.

New to Yoga?

There is a Yoga that is perfect for you. For your body, for where you are in your life and for what you want to explore. Your teachers will help. All you have to do is walk through the door and be open to the possibility. We welcome all levels of practice.  If you are brand new to Yoga – we suggest starting with the Beginner/Gentle Class, Movement & Meditation and the Yoga Stretch Classes.  You can find the schedule here to find class times and descriptions.

Arrival Time

Arrive 15 minutes prior to class for your first session at YogaVision. We will show you around the studio and introduce you to your teacher. Our space includes teachers with five or more years of experience, and also allows new teachers to grow.  You can also speak to our knowledgeable Front Desk Staff to find out more about the benefits of Yoga & Meditation.

Goals and Objectives?

Think about your goals and objectives for your Yoga and Meditation practice. Do you want to challenge your body and feel stronger? Are you looking to stretch, relax and find peace? We have all of those options and more to explore.  Soon you will see the benefits and so will the people in your life.  You may be surprised by how one hour a day can improve your physical, emotional and mental well-being. The benefits of Yoga & Meditation are unique for each person.

What to Bring and What to Do

Bring a water bottle and a mat. if you forget or don’t have one – we can lend you a mat.

Please leave your cell phone outside the practice room.

Please speak softly in the practice room.

We practice barefoot.