• Kriya for Intuition and Healing

    PART ONE A. Sit in Easy Pose or in a chair with a straight spine. Pull a gentle Root Lock and Neck Lock. The eyes are closed and focused at the third eye point. The left hand is in Gyan Mudra resting on the left knee. Block the right nostril with the thumb of the […]

  • Wahe Guru Subtle Body Kriya

    This is an example of a meditative yoga kriya that uses mantra. Physically, the set is total workout for the thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands. It also works on the subtle body, that part of your being that understands beyond the obvious. When the subtle body is strong, you are calm and masterful. In each […]

  • Kriya for the Heart Centre

    Easy pose.  Breathe deep and restfully, gently, rapidly tapping the heart centre in the middle of the chest with finger-tips.  Gradually increase intensity, hit with knuckles, then gradually decrease intensity again, fading out.  Be aware of the kind of energy that focuses here, try consciously to release some of it outwards.  3 minutes.  Easy pose, […]

  • Basic Breath Series

    1. Sit in easy pose.  Make an antenna of the right hand fingers and block the right nostril with the thumb.  Begin long deep breathing through the left nostril for 3 minutes.  Inhale – hold for 10 seconds. 2. Repeat the first exercise, but use the left hand and breath through the right nostril.  Continue […]

  • Kriya for the Neutral Mind

    Being neutral means being centered in the midst of everything.  It means that you are awake, aware, alert, centered, prepared and conscious in the middle of everything and everywhere.   This kriya will help you develop the sense of being invincible.  It requires mental strength to hold the positions.  Your nervous system and glandular system will […]

  • Partner Yoga

    Here is a short and powerful series of Yoga techniques for couples, incorporating movement, breath, energy, focus and projection, for love:  Step One:   Sit opposite your partner. Bring your hands to the centre of your chest, with your palms touching.  Reflect and call on the creative consciousness and universal wisdom within you. Breathe slowly, through […]

  • Kriya for Elevation

    1.  This exercise is sometimes called the Ego Buster or Ego Eradicator because it tests your limits.  When you feel like putting your arms down, the breath at the navel helps you to keep up longer.  The purpose is to energize you.  Sit in Easy Pose.  Bring your arms up at a 60-degree angle out […]

  • Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination

     The first, second and third chakras associated with the rectum, sex organs and naval point are thoroughly exercised in this kriya.  It gives flexibility of the spine and improves the power of digestion and elimination of waste and toxins.  Warm up before doing this set.     1) Sit up straight with the legs stretched out.  Bring the […]