Love Series 2011

  • Love Series ~ Week 6 ~ Physical Touch

    There are many different schools of yoga – each has a different approach to sex.  For some traditions it is total abstinence.  In Kundalini Yoga sex is part of life – a conscious expression of intimacy to be respected and revered.    Touch is a powerful way of communicating and sharing energy.   In yogic terms […]

  • Love Series ~ Week 5 ~ Acts of Service

     On Monday’s class we will be focusing on Karma Yoga.  This is Yoga off the mat – where you take action because you can.  You act because you have the mental, emotional and spiritual resources to give without thinking of reward.  We are going into the underbelly – looking behind closed doors, going underneath and […]

  • Love Series ~ Week 4 ~ Giving/Receiving Gifts

    Gift giving is about identifying what your partner or loved one would be interested in and sharing that experience.  The gift can be handmade or cost thousands of dollars.  Gifts include time and presence.  Money is never the issue.  You can see gift giving as an investment in your future with another person.  It is […]

  • Love Series ~ Week 3 ~ Quality Time

    Week 3 – Quality Time Quality time is about paying attention.  It is about being awake, aware and alert.  When you eat, shower, get to work – is your mind on the task or somewhere else?  Notice. And now think about the time that you spend with your lover/loved ones.  Are you present or distracted […]

  • Love Series ~ Week 2 ~ Words of Affirmation

    Week 2 – Words of Affirmation  Pay attention to the conversations you have with others.  Come prepared to share real examples of Words of Affirmation.  Remember that words have power.  And you have the choice, when hurt by the words or actions of another to seek justice or forgiveness.  With a meditative mind, you have […]

  • Love Series ~ Week 1 ~ Uplift

    Love is the creative force that makes the impossible possible.  It is the reason that we exist and the reason why we do what we do. This is different from our insecurities that manifest as guilt and duty.  These are misunderstandings of our power. Love is a basic human need.  The author, Gary Chapman,  says […]