Divine Song Meditation Series ~ Week 4 ~ Focal Point

The spine and the human energy field contain chakras, or energy centers, that vibrate at different frequencies. Each chakra presents us with the opportunity to establish a root relationship and to satisfy a deep soul desire. Each frequency holds the gift of a certain power, which enhances our human experience on Planet Earth. As we tune into this power, we are internally empowered to deal with the specific life challenges of that energy center or chakra and as a consequence to live more whole, meaningful and fulfilling lives.  This week we will use each of the 8 chakras as a focal point. 

 To Prepare:

 Resistance is futile.  Enjoy your practice.  Add on one more day. 


 Recognize someone you know here?  http://www.cbc.ca/stevenandchris/2011/02/basic-yoga-for-a-stronger-spine.html

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