10 Things I Learned from Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Fertility Yoga, Prenatal Yoga.
10 Things I Learned from Yoga Teacher Training
Salimah’s Story
When I decided to pursue  Yoga Teacher Training, I found more than history, philosophy and postures.  I found the light in me.
Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Fertility Yoga, Prenatal Yoga.

Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Fertility Yoga, Prenatal Yoga.

1.  A Student Needs a Teacher

To study Yoga intensively you need a guide, an expert who knows the teachings and who will bring out the best in a student. I found a master teacher, who to this day, sets the bar high.

2.It’s More Than a Hobby

I learned that teaching Yoga is a commitment.  It requires real study, practice, and a willingness to go beyond oneself.   It’s a whole new level of challenge.

3.It’s More Than Postures

Teacher training Integrates all the facets of Yoga –  meditation, mantra, the benefits of a pose, the philosophy behind the practice, and the power that comes from doing these things on a consistent basis.  I learned that establishing proper technique in all of these areas is essential.

4.The Program Matters

What makes a teacher training program stand out is the reputation of the studio, expertise of the teachers, experience of other students, variety of methodology, availability of teaching staff, solid practicum, and respect for the teachings.  I studied under this successful model and it is the foundation for the teacher training course that I now offer.

5.Patience Pays

It takes time to develop an understanding of the teachings, to create effective technique, to truly bring practice to everyday life, and to build a career. Patience pays. As soon as you start – the process starts. I have learned to trust that process and to teach others step by step.

6.Expect the Unexpected

As you begin teacher training, things change. Your ego gets in the way. Since Yoga and meditation strengthen the nervous system you will be able to embrace transformation and handle more intensity.  As I developed my understanding of the teachings, I learned not to take myself so seriously.


In teacher training I learned more about how to relax in the midst of everything.  Helping others to do the same is one of the rewards of being a teacher.  Having a remedy to life’s I stresses is an incredible benefit.

8.Communication is the Key

Teacher Training is a process of engaging. As a teacher you learn to project and communicate neutrally.  I learned it’s not personal, it’s universal.  I found a whole new way to connect with people.

9.The Path of a Teacher

Finding a teacher, committing to the teachings, deepening the practice, choosing the right program, going step by step, being aware of the possibilities, and relaxing in the midst of it all is what teacher training is about.  I established a steadiness in my life and developed my inner light.   Following this path, I have become a teacher of teachers.

10.The Power of One

I have travelled the world teaching yoga. I have taught in small towns, in large centers, at festivals, on television, in schools, temples, hospitals, prisons, and corporate boardrooms.  My Yoga career began with teacher training and led me to develop my own successful business – YogaVision Studio.  I learned the power of one.  One person with the right training can do anything.
The ancient art and science of Yoga is vast.  In teacher training you learn that each movement, mantra, meditation and breathing practice  has a nuance to offer, an entire body of information.  It is fascinating, in-depth and enhances day to day life.  It will become your new toolkit for success.
Yoga Teacher Training at YogaVision is a unique experience.  The flexible format and special community will enrich your personal and spiritual development.  Unlimited access to the studio enables you to deepen your practice and your connection to the teachings.  Read more here
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Salimah Kassim-Lakha
Yoga Therapist
CEO YogaVision Centre