Love through the Chakras – Commitment

How’s the fire in your belly?  Are you feeling strong through your core and committed to what is happening in your life?  If yes, welcome to the power of the Third Chakra.  Located at the navel centre, the element is fire and the colour is hot yellow.  When your navel is off balance the emotion you will tend to feel and react with is anger.  Not pretty.

Think of when you get angry.  Identify the root of it and ask yourself if it serves your highest purpose.  Does it create more love, more connection, more communication?  If not – then ask yourself to pay attention and to choose differently.

This is what we explored in class on Monday.  Anger affects the liver.  This is the organ that filters our blood and deals with the biochemistry of anger.  The adrenal glands release adrenaline and cortisone in response to situations of high stress.  In our early human ancestry, these chemicals were used in our flight response and would quickly get burned out of the body after a spurt of physical activity.  30 minutes on the treadmill just isn’t enough considering that most of our present day stress has more to do with personal relationship than with attacking animals.

Yoga and meditation are amazing ways to help your body deal with the impact of stress.  In class we explored Sitali pranayam – a three minute breathing technique that can be used to release anger, anxiety and cool the body.

Its important to come to the mat with an idea of what you want to accomplish and link yourself to the expanded consciousness of humanity.  When we remove the violence in our lives, we have the opportunity to live with freedom and dignity.

Building a strong navel centre also offers us opportunities to commit, to ideas, to our ethics and to our relationships.  We all know people who cannot commit and around them is a pile of half started projects and passionate interests with little follow through.  Here is a simple series of exercises to help channel the energy of the navel chakra.

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