Love Through the Chakras – Intuition

Animals have hooves, horns, claws and teeth.  Humans have intuition.

Your centre of intuition is located in a little gland right behind your brow point.  The pituitary gland regulates all of the other glands and hormones in the body.  When the hormonal system is working optimally, you have a heightened sense of awareness and clarity.

To focus on your third eye, close your eyes and roll your eyes to the space just between your eyes brows and slightly above.  Take a deep breath and check in. Ask your self that pressing question.  Stay still until you hear the answer.  Inhale and exhale powerfully through your nose and relax.

The human talent of intuition is open to all of us.  The real challenge is what you do with the information you receive.

The more you listen and act from this place of universal wisdom, the more information you will receive. The benefit is being able to live with mastery and a sense of calm about what is unfolding.

The 6th Chakra is symbolized by the colour indigo, affects the area of the head and face and is our connection to what is beyond the obvious.

Studying the Chakra system in “Love Through the Chakras” series on Monday nights gives each of us the opportunity to get to know ourselves more intimately – to be aware of the dynamic energy in the body along with tools and techniques to enhance this connection.

As one student said recently, “It would have been so easy to sit on the couch.   Making the effort was worthwhile. “ Check out what else Jaffer had to say about his experience:

Curious about Kundalini Yoga?  Stay tuned for info on live and online classes for 2013.

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