My Body | My Temple – 10 Reasons to Love (and Like and Attend) Yogapalooza

Friends, we interrupt the regularly scheduled Yoga for Prosperity to bring you this cute (I think) run down about Yogapalooza and whet your appetite for Movement, Music and Meditation in Gage Park on June 18 and 19.  

  1. Yogapalooza is Social Entrepreneurship 

Doing good for the world, doing good for the community and creating wealth is what we are all about.  Yogapalooza is the biggest FREE outdoor Yoga event in Canada.  Our joy is to share the gift of Yoga and raise the consciousness of the world at the same time.  We have great sponsors – including MyBindi, Utopia and PhysioMed.  Our sponsors believe in what we do.  Check out their booths at Central Public School and give them a high five for their vision, amazing products and services.    

 2.   Support The United Way of Peel

 Volunteers from the United Way Peel Region will be available to take your voluntary donations to support newcomer and women’s support programs in the region.  We love what they do and know you will generously support their initiatives.    

 3. Eradicate Violence Against Women and Girls Worldwide

 Sign a Proclamation to Eradicate Violence against Women and Girls worldwide.  Be part of a new era of peace.  Yogi Akal joins us from 12:15 to 12:30pm on Saturday to talk about this important issue and create a ripple of change around the world. 

 4. Free Yoga and Journey Dance

 New to the practice?  Been at it for lifetimes?  Explore Kundalini Yoga, Power Yoga and Laughter Yoga –  All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome.  Yoga is for everyone and our line up of teachers will introduce you to the beauty of the practice.  New this year is Journey Dance with Goddess Grooves – join Tanya for expressive movement.  Drop in for a class or two or stay for the whole day.   The value of this experience is more than money can express. 

 5. Free Giveaways

 Look out for Denise Pala from Flying Monkey Yoga Studio in Oakville and ask her for your free Yoga Apps for iPhone and Android.  Denise has generously shared 10 Apps with Yogapalooza. 

Fill out a ballot to win a gorgeous pair of Swamisz – a modern take on a Yogic classic and a chance to win a special .  And of course, everyone gets a souvenir Yogapalooza button for hanging out with us on  Saturday and Sunday.   

 6.  Volunteers Rock!

 Every teacher on stage, every person who hands you a button or helps you sign a Proclamation to Eradicate Violence Against Women and Girls has donated their time and energy to make this event come to life.  Isn’t it amazing what love manifests? 

 7. Go Big and Go OM

If you were at Queen’s Park with us in 2010, you know that over 600 people attended Yogapalooza.  This year we will be in Brampton on June 18 and 19 and Montreal on August 13.  Like our FaceBook Fan page to stay on top of all the glamorous details.  Who knows where 2012 will take us.    

 8.  26 Degrees and Sunny!

 When Mother Nature cooperates – you know its gonna be an amazing event : )

 9. A stellar list of attendees

 The who’s who of Bramptonites, MyBindians, Yogis, Lululemons and yes, even a Taxi Wallah or two will be there.  Be part of our FaceBook Event Page for a sneak peak. 

 10. Our version of Bollywood

 My fav video crew, Made in Camera will be there to capture the highlights of Yogapalooza this year.  Give them your best smile and look for the final edit in early July.  Sign up at YogaVision to receive the souvenir video. 

 See you all at Yogapalooza on Saturday and Sunday in Gage Park. 



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