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I bought a condo in the Junction, part investment property, part assurance to my parents that I would have a place to call my own in the distant future.

In the mean time, my Studio at Queen and Dovercourt fit my life perfectly. I moved to Queen West West before the Drake, before anyone dreamed of putting up condos. The Studio was my best friend, the backdrop for my travels and healing spot for my students. “I’m staying with you until the end.” Was my mantra to my abode. In the back of my mind I knew that our time was limited. The building was getting old, the owners anxious to sell. It was built in the early 1900’s and used for manufacturing of all kinds of things – most recently a lamp factory. After 13 years in the place, I still found sewing needles popping up out of the floor boards, proof of the women who sewed lamp shades in the very spot I taught Yoga classes. In the summer the sun would come in and bounce the light off of my disco ball all over the space. And in the winter the radiator and pipes would clang as a reassurance that heat was on its way. We’ve had had blow out parties of 300 people together and lots of fun nights with lovers who have since come and gone. I always came home to my beloved Studio.

Fast forward four years…

In February the letters from the condo company became more frequent. Pre-delivery inspection, mortgage, insurance, appliance. WTF? Between working, teaching and planning Yogapalooza in Brampton, Montreal and Dubai – my head and hands were full. I hired a realtor and asked him to take care of renting my new space. That was until I saw it.
We walked in and something tugged at my heart. The view, the newness, the compactness and ah the decorating possibilities! We took pictures and I told the Universe to take care of it by May 10. I started a meditation call Ganpatee – to make the impossible possible. And I let it go – asking for what was highest and best. On April 29, I picked up the keys to the new condo. That evening I received a notice from my current landlord confirming that our building was being torn down, everyone had to vacate by August 30. That was that.
In that moment I decided to commit to the new space to let it be perfectly suited to the new places I wanted to go in my life. “You have to move, and so arguing with it is futile” this from my friend in London. She was right, I could not argue with the synchronicity. This was a heart practice. I knew I needed to trust it would all work out, that everything would end up in a box and that the timing would be perfect.
And it is. I moved at 6am on May 14 and by 11pm on May 15 all the boxes were unpacked. Many thanks to my friends who stepped in with sound advice, my students for the vision boards and my family for blessing the new space. And of course to all the Yogis who guided the process from beyond.
Looking back i can see this was a change I didn’t even know I needed. In allowing everything to unfold there was so little effort required. In being rather than doing I found a peaceful quiet place to call my own. And it just happens to have a great view overlooking the lake.
Can you relate?
The most challenging part about moving – was finding a new space to teach from. I love the idea of using modern technology to share the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga. So, the next course I am offering, Yoga for Prosperity, will be held exclusively online. Cool.
We will be back together on May 30 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. We will be using Skype (free to download) and as long as you have high speed internet connection and a camera you can join in from anywhere in the world. I am looking forward to how this will unfold and welcome you to the experience. If you are ready to explore Kundalini Yoga, have something that you want to manifest in your life and have an open mind – this is the time to check it out.

Details ae here

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