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Sheila and Leila have been together for three years and are looking forward to getting pregnant in the next 6 months.  They want to consciously create a family and bring a new soul into this world.

Jeff and Reena have just started dating.  It’s hot and sweaty right now and they are both aware that the “in love” feeling lasts about 18 months.  They want to build a strong relationship and a love that endures. 

Nadia and Dylan have been together for seven years.  They love and respect each other and both freely admit to needing a little more umph in their connection.  They are exploring new ways to communicate and connect emotionally and intimately.   

What do they all have in common? 

Partner Yoga. 

According to Yoga, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  To be human is to explore love.  Love is the creative force that makes the impossible, possible.    At the core of all Yoga is love and from love, peace grows.  Yoga is a science and a lived art form.  It is the exploration of our highest essence and energy.  And no spiritual journey would be complete without intimacy and sexuality.

Practicing Yoga together is one of the most profound ways to enhance your relationship.  Sharing postures, breath awareness and meditation helps to creates a powerful spiritual bond.  Working with a partner can bring a whole new depth and awareness to your own personal practice.  Serving as a mirror, your partner helps your alignment, balance and concentration while deepening your connection through trust and laughter. 

Partner Yoga can also influence your physical connection.  A conscious loving relationship explores sex as an act of worship.  Sacred sex is love in action.  It comes from being tuned in, treating your body and that of your partner as temples of the divine.  More than a release, sex offers an opportunity for union.

For any and all couples, sharing an activity brings a sense of shared adventure and  commitment to the process of personal growth.  In Kundalini Yoga, Partner Yoga is practiced using a specific set of exercises called Venus Kriyas – specifically designed to help balance and harmonize energy between two people. 

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Try it and let me know what happens. 



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