My Body My Temple | Yogic Reasons for Wearing White After Labour Day

This post originally appeared on on September 13, 2011

Somewhere amidst beach bonfires and waterskiing, September crept up on us. As we fall back in love with crisp morning runs and pumpkin spice lattes, ambassador Salimah Kassim-Lakha, shares why she believes we may not want to put away our white wardrobe just yet.

A few years ago I had the privilege of seeing the Dalai Lama at the Rogers’ Centre in Toronto. When he walked into the stadium, I immediately felt the physical impact of his presence. It was enough to throw me back in my seat even though he was hundreds of feet away. That feeling has stayed with me ever since.

the power of your aura

That sensation when someone walks into a room and immediately lights it up, is the power of their aura. Your aura has the ability to uplift everyone around you without the use of spoken words. Wearing white is one technique that can strengthen your aura and maximize the power of your presence.

kundalini dress code

Wearing white is embedded deep into the roots of practicing Kundalini yoga. As a teacher, one of the first questions my students ask me is “why do you wear white when you teach?” I tell them I wear white because I believe it holds the space for higher consciousness and creates a powerful presence in my class.

white is the new black

1. wear white to yoga. White is the union of all colours. When you wear white to a yoga class, your brightness elevates others and adds to the sacredness of the practice. Swap out your basic black for white – even just a headband or a shawl. When you choose consciously others will notice.

2. home teams wear white. For years competitive sports teams have been using this subtle and exact science to influence the home team advantage. Both baseball and basketball teams use their white uniforms at home games to subconsciously send a signal of success and stay cool under pressure. Wear white on your next race day and let us know what happens.

Ever worn black to be taken more seriously or had to mentally prepare yourself for a day of wearing red? What affects do wearing certain colours have on you?

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