Crown Centre

This is known as the thousand-petalled lotus. It carries, when opened up, a powerful positive charge, in polarity with the negative charge at the base of the spine. This polarity creates the voltage so that energy can flow up the spine, and also generates the magnetic filed.  Here is the channel through which divine inspiration comes to help us realize our full potential as human beings:  to live as God-conscious beings on this earth.


Sit in celibate pose:  (buttocks between the heels) with hands in venus lock behind the back.  Inhale and come up onto your knees, exhale and come back down.  Slowly increase the rhythm and breathe deeply (1-3 mins.)  If you experience dizziness after the exercise, bring the forehead slowly to the ground and relax for 5 minutes.  Helps balance the pineal gland, the lungs and shrunken sciatic nerve.

Sit with both legs stretched out, leaning back to 60 degrees, supported by the hands.  Let the head fall back, close the eyes and gaze back into the four corners of the skull, breathing slowly and restfully.

 Sit in easy pose, lock hands together in bear grip and bring them 2 inches above the top of the head.  Pull the hands with a firm, steady pressure, concentrating on gathering the light of pranic energy at the crown centre.

 Be on your hands and knees, extend the right leg back and up at a 45 degree angle, focus at the top of the head and do breath of fire for 2 minutes.  Repeat with the left leg.

 Sit on the heels, with hands on shoulders.  Raise the elbows and shoulders as high as you can with the inhale, lower them with the exhale.  Continue for 1 minute. 

Sat Kriya for 5 minutes, ending off with 3 long breaths, applying Mul Bhand and concentrating at the top of the head at the end of each exhale.

Scissors:  lay on your back, with the legs between 6” and 1 foot off the ground.  Scissor the legs back and forth parallel to the ground with the breath.  This helps regenerate brain cells.

 Easy pose:  intertwine the fingers but point the Jupiter (index) fingers up and place the hands a few inches above the top of the head.  Breath of fire for 1 minute.  Then, without stopping the breath, open the hands and spread the arms out to a 60-degree angle.  Breath of fire for another minute.  Then, inhale, exhale and apply Mul Bhand concentrating at the top of the head.

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