Let the Liver Live

  1. Lie on your left side and put your hand under your head.  Lift the right leg up straight and hold the toes with your right hand, keeping both legs straight.  Breath of Fire. 4 minutes.

2.       Wheel Pose.  (Hands and feet flat on the floor, body arched up.) Breathe in and out through the nose, then in and out  through the mouth.  Continue alternating from nose to mouth, taking one complete breath with each. 4 minutes.  (Alternate: bridge pose).

      3.  Lie on your left side.  Lift the right leg straight up, hold toe.  Breath of Fire through mouth. 2 Minutes.

      4.  Stand up with legs apart 18-24 inches.  Bend forward and stretch hands back through legs to touch floor.  Head down.  Reach back as far as possible.  Hold this position for 1 minute.  Then, in this position, roll the tongue, and do Breath of Fire through the rolled tongue.  3 minutes.

 5.  Repeat exercise 1. Do “Cannon Breath” through the mouth. (Extremely powerful, explosive breathe).  30 seconds.

 6.  Stand up and sit down 52 times without using hands for support.

 7.  Stand with hands on hips.  Roll upper torso in large circles. 2 minutes.

Anyone who shall do exercise #7 for 11 minutes morning and night will not have liver problems.   

8. Relax

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