Partner Yoga

Here is a short and powerful series of Yoga techniques for couples, incorporating movement, breath, energy, focus and projection, for love:

 Step One:   Sit opposite your partner. Bring your hands to the centre of your chest, with your palms touching.  Reflect and call on the creative consciousness and universal wisdom within you. Breathe slowly, through the nose.  Continue for three minutes.

 Step Two:  Sitting on your heels, face your partner. Stare in to their eyes without blinking. Radiate love. See your Self in the other person’s eyes. Continue for one minute. With some practice you can expand this for up to fifteen minutes, but not more. There is a discipline to each step that must be respected.

 When looking into the eyes of your partner, project love and divine light. Project humbly. For example, you might mentally and silently speak, “I am nothing, you are great”. This is not a statement of co-dependency. Instead, let it serve to open your heart to let love flow, a real love, an experience of selflessness within your Self. You can project any loving thoughts or positive affirmations. When you are done, take a deep breath and relax as you move to the next step.

Step Three:  Stand up facing your partner. Join hands and look into each other’s eyes, projecting divine love.  Continue for one minute. When you are done, take a deep breath and relax as you move to the next step.

Step Four:  Hands still joined, squat down together, keeping your feet flat on the ground, with your buttocks close to or on the ground. Inhale deeply through your nose as you rise  to standing, eyes locked with your partner. Hold the breath in for a moment. Then exhale as you squat down together. Then hold the breath out for a moment. Repeat the stand-inhale-hold-squat-exhale-hold five times.

Step Five:  Once more, sit on your heels, facing your partner, look into each other’s eyes. Inhale through your nose. Hold the breath in for a moment.. Then exhale deeply through the nose; hold the breath out for a moment. Repeat five times. Then relax.

Step Six:  Upon completion, stretch up. Twist your body from side or side. Then bring your palms together again as you did in step one, look into the eyes of your partner and say, “thank you”. Bow to your partner.

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