Renew Your Nervous System and Build Stamina

1.  Sit in easy pose.  Bend your left elbow and bring it close to your body.  Palm faces up, like you are holding a plate.  Touch the floor with the right palm.  Make an “O” shape with your mouth.  Inhale through your mouth in 3 short powerful breaths as you move your right palm to your touch your left palm.  As the right palm touches the left palm, exhale in one stroke through the mouth.  Breathe powerfully through the diaphragm.  4 minutes

2.  Close your eyes and move faster.  This exercise can give you totally new nerves and stamina.  It will break up blockages in the lungs.  It can relax the body, take away fatigue, and make you steady.  3.5 minutes

3.  Inhale and exhale through the “O” shaped mouth as you make big outward circles in front of your chest.  The motion is like you were throwing cold water on yoru face. Your hands move from your lap to your face.  Move vigorously to open your chest and to exercise the muscles of your shoulder blades. 

4.  Rest your right hand on your left at the centre of your chest at the level of your shoulders.  Palms face down, keep the hands touching as you move them four to six inches up and down.  Move rapidly.  Breath through the “O” shaped mouth in time with the movement.  This exercise sends new serum to the brain and can help relieve depression.  1.5 minutes

5.  Stand up and dance, shaking yoru entire body to the beat of Bhangra music.  Lift your arms in the air, loosen your sholdres, spine and hips.  Break up your body blocks.  with rhythmic movement.  Move vigorously.  This is good for your circulation.  After opening the diaphragm, this dance process is necessary.  11 minutes. 

6.  Spread your legs shoulder width apart and lean over so that your torso is parallel with the ground.  Rest your hands on your knees to support your torso.  This adjusts your lower back. 1 minutes

7.  From position 6 relax your arms and allow your arms to hang forward.  Allow the weight of your body to stretch the spine and muscles in the back of the legs.  30 seconds

To finish:  inhlae and gently rise up straight.  Exhale.  Inhale and relax forward bending at the waist.  Ehale and rise up.  Repeat 4 more times.  Move in arelaxed and relaxing manner from one position to another.

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