Meditation For Greatness

You may practice this meditation while sitting on a chair.  If you do sit on a chair, be sure to place both feet flat on the floor, with the weight distributed evenly between them.  The back and spine should be held as straight as possible.

 Place the hands on the lap, the right hand resting on the left.  The eyes are looking down the face, held about one-tenth of the way open.

 Now, inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril.  Do not move the nose, but consciously direct the air through the desited pathway.

 Continue for eleven minutes.  Then, inhale deeply, hold the breath briefly, exhale, and relax a minute or two to readapt to your surroundings.

 This meditation is one of several which were taught to be practiced while sitting comfortably on a chair. This meditation is said to hold the combination to the lock of wisdom and prosperity. Through correct concentration, we may penetrate through the offensiveness of our own ignorance into a state of equipoise and harmony.  Practice of this meditation will help us to develop a broader, more creative perspective of our capacities and our environments.  By its name it is known as a “great creative action.”  By its practice its practice it will become a part of ourselves in the greatness that we can all be.

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