Warrior 2.0 ~ Week 3 ~ I am Pure

This week’s theme: Purity

 This week we explore the meaning of digestion.  In the next few days pay attention to your physical digestion, mental digestion and of course the process of elimination.    From a yogic point of view, digestion is about assimilation of experience.  Stomach pains relate to fear of the new.  Pain in the lower spine is connected to the fear of money.  Be prepared for a stimulating experience and riveting discussion.   

 In Monday’s class we will explore breathing techniques to calm the stomach and a Kriya to adjust the lower spine and stimulate elimination (release of waste and toxins).

 For a sneak preview of the Kriya click here

 Group Exercise: What are you holding on to?   

 Last week we created our Not to List.  This week we dig a little deeper into our reasons for holding on.  The exercise is called Set Up, Pay Back Pay Off and Price.

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