Love Series ~ Week 6 ~ Physical Touch

There are many different schools of yoga – each has a different approach to sex.  For some traditions it is total abstinence.  In Kundalini Yoga sex is part of life – a conscious expression of intimacy to be respected and revered.    Touch is a powerful way of communicating and sharing energy.   In yogic terms this energy is called prana – the life force energy that passes from one person to the other.  It is transferred through touch, breath and eye contact.  (and food!). 

Click here for the super cool Kriya for this week.  

Home Play:

  •  Read chapter 8 (Love Language #4) Physical Touch before class on Monday 
  • What important lessons has sex taught you?
  • How is sex connected to love?   


 Here’s an interesting Ted Talk about vulnerability – highly recommended!

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