Ganpattee Meditation


When you don’t know what to do and nothing is working right, Gan Pattee Kriya (pronounced gun-put-tee) will bring you victory. It will take away past and present negativity; smooth out your day-to-day problems, and help you create a positive tomorrow.


This mediation has three parts. The first part uses the sa ta na ma mantra, combined with the ra ma da sa, sa say so hung mantra. This combines the subconscious cleansing properties of sa ta na ma, with the self- healing properties of the ra ma da sa meditation. In Gan Pattee, you “sing” the mantra in the same style as in sa ta na ma, and touch each finger to the thumb as you chant, as in sa ta na ma. For each repetition of the mantra, the fingers will be pressed in three rounds: sa ta na ma equals 1 round, ra ma da sa equals 2 rounds, and sa say so hung is the 3rd round.

Sit with a straight spine. Bring the hands to the knees with the fingers outstretched and the arms straight. The eyes are one-tenth open gazing at the top of the nose. Begin to press the fingers as you chant the mantra, 1 repetition on each breath. Take a deep breath in between each repetition. Continue for 11 minutes, and slowly work up to 31 minutes of practice.

At the end of 11 minutes, stay sitting and inhale deeply. Hold the breath for 20 to 30 seconds while you move every part of your body. Shake, jump, and wiggle every inch of yourself, then exhale. Inhale and repeat the process 2 more times to circulate the prana to every part of the body. This is for self – healing.

Sit totally still in absolute calmness. Concentrate on the tip of your nose with the eyes one-tenth open for 1 minute.

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