Kirtan Kriya – Divine Song

Kirtan Kriya translated means “divine song”. This meditation uses the elementary sounds of Sat Nam. The sounds of Sat Nam are broken down into smaller particles. Sa Ta Na Ma is chanted in a simple singing style. It clears the subconscious mind and can be performed on rising or retiring to sleep.

Each sound is a vibration with a particular meaning:

Sa – the universe, totality
Ta – life, creation
Na – death, dissolution
Ma – rebirth, regeneration

Each sound is associated with a specific hand posture:

Sa- Thumb and index finger together (wisdom)
Ta – Thumb and middle finger together (patience)
Na – Thumb and ring finger together (energy)
Ma – Thumb and small finger together (communication)

As you press each finger, you are activating pressure points that help energy flow to meridians along the brain. This activation clears the subconscious mind and allows access to higher centres of the brain. Pressure your fingers together firmly.

This mediation consists of 3 “parts”

Out loud – the human voice – 3 minutes

Whisper – the voice of the lover – 3 minutes

Silent – the voice of the soul – 3 minutes + 3 minutes

Whisper – the voice of the lover – 3 minutes

Out loud – the human voice – 3 minutes

The beginner’s set lasts 18 minutes. For advanced practice, work up to 5 minutes per section. Add an extra minute to the silent mediation for a total of 31 minutes.

Mental focus – imagine a golden cord. Feel the sound of each vibration coming in through your crown centre and exit through your third eye point. Imagine an L shaped golden cord. The energy flows through this path way to connect the pineal and pituitary gland.

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