Meditation for a Calm Heart

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.  Either close the eyes or look straight ahead with eyes half open.  Place the left hand on the center of the chest at the heart-center level.  The palm is flat against the chest and the fingers are parallel to the ground, pointing to the right.  The right hand is raised up to the right side of the body as if taking an oath.  The palm is facing forward, and the first finger is curled into the thumb in active Gian Mudra.  The rest of the fingers are straight.  The forearm is perpendicular to the ground.

Concentrate on the flow of the breath.  Feel it consciously.  Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose.  Suspend the breath as it is locked in.  Retain the breath as long as possible.

Then exhale smoothly, gradually, and completely.  When the breath is totally exhaled, suspend the breath out for as long as possible.  Continue this pattern for a specified amount of time, then inhale, exhale strongly 3 times, and relax.

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