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My cell phone rang at 2:52pm on Friday afternoon.  My phone and I have an intimate connection.  After years of meditation,  I can sense when a call comes through just before the ringer goes off. 

The follow up voicemail went something like this.  “Please call me Salimah, there is an opportunity that you would be perfect for.”   I smile.  My heart races and I excuse myself from the desk job and ran downstairs. 

“We have a Wellness spot open on Monday, one of our other guests had a family emergency.  We would love to have you fill her spot.”   



September 2010 – my cousin, Salima (yes, we run a tight circle of names in my family) suggests a morning off work to watch a taping of the Steven and Chris Show, at the CBC building on Front Street.  I have been watching Steven and Chris since way back when they were the Designer Guys.  I loved the show then, and having since weaned myself off of TV – I was curious to see what their lifestyle show was all about.  Watching a live taping with my cousin was even more of draw. 

As the fateful morning draws nearer – Salima gets roped into a work meeting.  Now it’s just me and me.   I call my cousin Farah, always fun, always up for a new experience and a fashionista of the highest caliber. She says yes right away.  The set is brightly lit and the room is cold to account for the bright lights.  What fun.  The Guys are gracious and lovely to watch.  What becomes even more captivating to me is what happens on the set between segments.  Audience giveaways, music, prizes for the weirdest purse contents.  There are regulars who obviously came prepared.  Mini Cat Scratching post??!  It’s fascinating.  All of this keeps the audience engaged, energized with shiny happy faces.  

After the show, I introduce myself to the man with warm blue eyes who gives away these prizes.   I suggest a dose of Laughter Yoga for the audience.  It’s a perfect fit – keep the heart rate up, provides gentle stretching and introduces a memorable experience.  Interesting idea, he says. I like it.  I offer my card and let it go.

A few days later his message arrives “Greetings” is the subject line. 

We set up 4 follow up sessions. Laughter Yoga is a hit.  The Guys notice.  The Crew is supportive.

Present Moment

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to be a world wide ambassador for Yoga.  In my daily meditations I visualize the eradication of violence against women and girls, worldwide, permanently in my lifetime.  I see this happening through Yoga, television and web based media.  It’s the perfect combination of ancient  technology and modern technology.   And now the opportunities to take steps in this direction are opening. 

 Fast Forward

Monday morning.  It’s bold to wear white on TV, eh?  The Guys notice.  I’m ready.  I spent the weekend on Skype with the associate producer, picking the Yoga postures, running through the benefits.  In some ways very prepared and in another way – ready to wing it. And there we are at 1:33pm – Steven, Chris and Me.  Three’s company. 

Here’s the clip.  Take a look.

By the way, the Green Room isn’t green.

I’ll be back taping again on February 14.  This time for Laughter Yoga.   

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