3 Affirmations for the Holidays

The good news – food, family and money! The bad news – food, family and money!

But wait – you have much more in your power than you have given yourself credit for.

Your subconscious mind records all information since the time you were born.  That’s a lot of information.  Some of what we retain from the past serves us and a lot of it does not.  Patterns of thought create grooves in the brain – like a pathway.  Once these pathways are set – they become our automatic default.  It takes a consistent and deliberate approach to release these habits.  It can be done.  It takes a little bit of focus and the rewards are immense.  It is the process of becoming mindful where all the magic happens. You can do this.

How do you start?  Figure out where your trigger points are.  Three of the most common ones are here in this article.  The next step is to work on unraveling the belief.

Our remedy for addressing the limiting belief is an affirmation.  Affirmations reprogram the pathways in the brain.  If you have always turned left at the bridge – maybe its time to turn right.  Or even go over the bridge and see where it leads.  Affirmations are like guide posts – steering us in the direction of choice rather than habit.  Here are a few – right in time for the holidays.

  1. I bless every bite with love

It’s the season to indulge.  That’s part of why we love it right?  It’s the best time of year for family recipes and all things battered, fried and buttered.  Since you will likely eat it anyway – how about applying a blessing instead of a curse?  An important part about what you eat is how you feel about yourself when you eat.  If you believe something is good for you and you eat it – you feel great and it will have a positive affect.  If you believe something is bad for you and you eat it – you will not feel great and it will not have a positive affect.  Here is a humble offering to heal your relationship with food.  Give it a go at the table this season.  Notice what happens.


  1. Everyone is my Teacher

One of the Sikh saints once said – show me an enlightened person and I will ask her to spend a day with her family.  Ha ha.  But not always so funny.  Here is a way to elevate the situation.  Turn the focus back on yourself.  What can you learn about yourself in each situation?  How you can leave the occasion with your dignity and your miracle mindset intact?  Look for the lesson.  Look at the other person as an opportunity to get clear on yourself.  If in doubt – go to the bathroom and spend one full minute smiling at yourself.  Works like a charm.



  1. I Am Open to Receive

Money comes and goes.  If its customary in your circles to give gifts – then you may have been watching money flow outward with a little panic in the back of your mind.  Practical advice is to spend within your limits.  Energetic advice is to couple that with a keen awareness of all the love, positivity, gifts, time and blessings that are coming your way.  The more you notice what you have – the easier is for the good stuff to flow your way.

This is the perfect time to recommit to your personal wellness strategy.  Pick an affirmation and run it through your mind multiple times a day.  No one has to know you are doing it.  No one will even notice.  Give yourself a little more space.  Excuse yourself for a few minutes to take the dog for a walk, offer to run an errand, check out a local Yoga class or sit quietly near the Christmas tree and meditate. Be present to your own experience and reap the benefit of a loving heart and a quiet mind.

Happy Holidays and much love to you for your journey in the year ahead.

Salimah Kassim-Lakha

Yoga Therapist




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