4 weeks and 2 days

I’m having a blast.  There is nothing sweeter, more meaningful than doing what I love and trusting it will all get done.  It’s a thrilling ride and there is so much more ahead.


Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Respect the Contrast

For many years I looked around and saw only the things I didn’t like.  I pushed against all of it.  I wished and prayed for things to be different and nothing much changed.  In hindsight I realized all of those experiences helped to define what I did want – conscious living, service to the community, loving companions and colleagues and as much Yoga and Meditation as possible.  Once I got clear on what I wanted, I paid attention to where I saw it in my life.  I appreciated every moment of laughter, positivity, love  and then the next step appeared.  And I took it.

2.  Intuition is a Rope

When you hear that small whisper or that loud roar – listen.  This is your soul, your source energy, your godliness, your consciousness speaking directly to you.  This voice calls you in the direction of your joy.  How do you hear this voice? Pay attention to how you feel, do more of what makes you happy.  Sit quietly, meditate, be in nature, move your body, spend time with happy, loving people.  Put an end to your complaining.  Step away from complainers.  Ditto for complaining about complainers.

3.            Believe

This dream of owning and operating a Yoga Centre moved from a seed to a bloom because I made a bold declaration and I believed it could happen.  Without belief, the idea would have remained in suspended animation.  Wanting in futility feels bad.  Wanting and knowing it will happen is inspired living.  This comes back to beliefs.  A belief is just a repetitive thought.  You can think anything you want.  Be careful of who you share with though – naysayers abound.  Only you can make things possible or impossible.

4.  Act the Part

As soon as the idea solidified in my mind – I started to ask questions.  I looked up the software I would need.  I talked to others with experience in retail.  I looked at the Yoga world around me and made decisions about how I wanted my version to look and feel and smell and even taste – come try the Yogi Tea! From wanted to expecting to creating – all of it required me to be who I wanted to be.  Nothing less and nothing more.  When I got stuck for ideas or direction – I asked for help.  You can too.

Now a month old – YogaVision Centre is taking shape and form.  The teachers here have a wealth of experience – I learn from them every day – and they are great company.  The members who are joining on a daily basis are fun, relaxed and looking to deepen their practice.  Exactly who I intended to work with.

If I can do it – so can you.  So – what is it that your heart desires?  Take the first step.  Here is a great meditation to start the process:

 Meditation for Transformation 


much love,





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