Being Elmo

Really?  Muppets?

Doesn’t quite go with your high tech Yogi image says a friend of mine.

I think that’s the most wonderful part.

I grew up on Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo and the Great Space Coaster.  These shows were formative – I learned about the world, languages and different people from these colorful characters.  Ernie and Bert were my first gay role models.

I came to see puppets as truth tellers and bearers of innocence.  I love puppets of all kinds.  My fascination didn’t end in childhood.  Movies like Labyrinth,  Never Ending Story are still my all time favorites.

Perusing NetFlix this past weekend  I came across a treasure. Being Elmo is the story of Kevin Clash, the brilliant puppeteer behind our all time favorite Muppet – Elmo.  I watched his story unfold with wonder. The documentary tracks Kevin from his early fascination with puppets to his work with Jim Henson, the genius behind Sesame Street and the Muppet Show.  Kevin’s story is amazing, inspiring and completely uplifting.  It’s the story of determination and love.

This is the living Yoga.  By the end of the film we come to learn the inspiration behind Elmo.  It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me why this little creature speaks so clearly to our hearts.

It’s this childlike wonder that Laughter Yoga cultivates.  It’s the part of us that remembers and loves to play, sing, hug and be hugged.  It’s open, warm and fuzzy – kinda like Elmo.

And for those interested, join me for a puppet making workshop.  Let’s be in the wonder of make believe and the power of love.

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