Compassion – Its in you to give


This is a word with Woooooo factor.  With good reason.  It’s part of our angelic nature.  Us without the armor.

The questions below are designed to explore life experiences with greater depth and reverence. After reactivity and emotionality there are opportunities for profound transformation. And less drama.

Our lessons come in whatever context available – it’s up to us to recognize the situation for what it is – for our evolution, for love and for our conscious awareness.

The formula below is a key.  Before you start, get centered by setting an intention to allow your angelic nature to be a part of the solution.  This meditation works very well.

Step One: Lesson
What is the lesson I wanted to learn regarding this person and the conflict we are experiencing?

Step Two: Contract
What is the contract I made with this person? What did we agree to learn together?

Step Three: Role

What role is this person playing to act out his/her part of the contract?

Step Four: Aspect
What aspect of myself is this person is reflecting back to me?

Step Five: Gift
What is the gift this person is giving me by playing their role?

Step Six: Acceptance
Can I accept the role that this person has played, along with their actions, to help me learn this lesson?

Step Seven: Allowing
Can I allow myself to let go of my anger towards this person who played the role to help me learn the lesson?

Step Eight: Release
Can I release this person from blame?

Step Nine: Kindness
Now that I have released this person, can I be kind to him/her, and if so, how can I do it and when will I do it?

Changing the Energy

Once you have completed the Formula, it is time to do something with the contract. The contract is energy like everything else, so you can change its form into something else.

You can envision the contract dissolving into a thousand pieces of light energy, and send that energy to places of conflict or suffering in the world.  You can wash the energy into the ocean and watch it land on a distant shore to assist someone else’s growth.  You can  deposit it into an energy account to assist someone in manifesting their desires. Use this energy to continue the cycle of learning and growth.

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