Give the Gift of Yoga

I always appreciate a good recommendation – a book, a recipe, a creative solution or where to get expert advice.

Yoga can seem like a daunting activity because there are so many entry points, so many teachers and so many studios to choose from.  Since the holdiays are a great time to start or recommit to your practice, I am sharing my favourite Yoga videos with you.  These resources rock because the teachers have a powerful love for the teachings, are so clear and direct about what they do and are committed to sharing this love with you.  Each class has been designed for beginners and seasoned Yogis alike.  I love the idea of you practicing at home with your entire family – baby and grandma included.

gift of yoga

These classes are about 20 minutes – perfect to start or end the day, also very doable while getting the laundry done.  And by the way, one of them is Yoga inspired belly dance class.  Enjoy!

Click here to give the gift of Yoga.


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