I Gol U – The Power of Visions and Goals

Everything I have ever accomplished was because I had a dream and a plan. What about you? What are your dreams and visions? Would you like some help in getting the process started?

I am running a Goal Coaching program via Skype. You will receive 4 complimentary sessions to awaken and transform your visions into reality. Its powerful and its available starting in August. Send me an email now and let’s get going. Feel free to share this invitation with friends and family.  This program works well for small groups – like your work group, team or family.  Or if you want to take it to a whole new level – ask me about creating a one on one program.

I Gol U

Is a dynamic personal development program.   Level One of the Communication Series is designed to empower you in creating your unique legacy in the world. Supplemental videos, development homework, buddy relationships and guided sessions will give you  the tools to create choice in communication, support your  legacy through vision and goal setting, and to recognize the power and accountability of the spoken word. Level One consists of four sessions: Personal Legacy; Reflection; Vision and Goals; and The Power of “I Am.”

You  can expect to gain the following from the series:

  • A clearly defined legacy and vision for your  life
  • Short and long-term goals  supporting your legacy and vision
  • Clear and powerful goals that support different domains in your  life  (e.g., personal, health, career)
  • The inspiration to create more fun and possibility in your  life Tools to keep you  on track towards achieving your  vision and goals
  • Recognition of your  own unique and reliable method to live “above the line”

Participants of the Series are expected to do the following:

  • Read, sign and honor the participant agreement
  • Participate in all four live sessions – call times will range between 1-1.5 hrs and call sessions will typically be 3-4 weeks apart
  • Watch the videos on www.igolu.com and complete relevant assignments before the scheduled call session
  • Connect with designated “igolu buddy” in between sessions to maximize the igolu experience

Please confirm your participation by August 6 at 6pm and provide the following information:

1.    Select a group from the list below

2.    Signed and email the participant agreement form

3.    Your email address

4.    Phone number

5.    City you live in

Team 1


Call: August 11 – 11am to 12pm

Call: September 8 – 11am to 12pm

Call: September 29 – 11am to 12pm

Call: October 20 – 11am to 12pm

Team 2


Call: August 20 – 8pm to 9pm

Call: September 10 – 8pm to 9pm

Call: October 15  – 8pm to 9pm

Call: October 29 – 8pm to 9pm

Team 3


Call: August 14 – 8pm to 9pm

Call: September 11 – 8pm to 9pm

Call: October 2  – 8pm to 9pm

Call: October 30 – 8pm to 9pm

Team 4


Call: August 22 – 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Call: September 5 – 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Call: September 26  – 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Call: October 31 – 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Team 5


Call: August 11 – 9:30am to 11am

Call: September 8 – 9:30am to 11am

Call: September 29 – 9:30am to 11am

Call: October 20 – 9:30am to 11am

Looking forward to sharing this transformation with you.

With love,


Your coach is Salimah Kassim-Lakha, lululemon ambassador, yoga therapist, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and personal development specialist.  For more information, please visit YogaVision. Contact Salimah@yogavision.com

*download a free skype account to participate

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