Laughter Yoga Changed My Life (and me)

Diseases like cancer come from repressed rage and diseases like diabetes come from repressed grief.  This is what my spiritual teacher said to a group of us in 2007.  It stayed with me for a long time, an ancient piece of wisdom that resonated with truth and with purpose.

I also knew the remedy for both.

In 2006 I went to Masala Mendhi Masti at the CNE grounds.  And that is where I came face to face with Laughter Yoga.  It was such a simple concept – laugh for no reason.  Laugh because it feels good.  Laughter is a human connector, a way to tap into creativity and love. I was hooked.  My friends thought I was a cuckoo for coco pops.  Maybe I was, maybe I am.

I looked for this teacher soon after the festival and discovered he had died of a massive heart attack.  Interesting.  I pursued my yoga studies in Kundalini Yoga with love and devotion.

In 2008, and in a dark place, I went looking for laughter Yoga.  After many months I found a teacher close to Toronto.  I was excited, raring to go.  I got to the training session introduced myself to everyone and spent the next few hours totally miserable.  My body had no way of processing that much pleasure.  I ate so much sugar that night and dragged myself back for the second day of training.  And I am so grateful that I did. What I learned about myself was eye opening.  What I knew I could offer others was humbling.

What followed from this simple two day training is my own inner spirit of joy.  The more I laugh, the more I want to laugh and the more I laugh the easier everything is.  My day to day experience has become lighter, more fun, playful and creative.  All of these qualities are amplified in the people who I meet.  Laughter Yoga has opened the door for community service – I have taught seniors, kids with special needs and cancer survivors. In venues I never thought possible; the Rogers centre, the Toronto Yoga Conference,The Steven and Chris Show on the CBC and in corporate board rooms.  The reach has been amazing and each time I feel blessed that I make an income this way.

One of the most amazing parts are the people who come to Laughter Yoga – you just can’t help but love someone who you laugh with.  I’ve met some of my best friends through this practice.

In this spirit I am holding a Laughter Yoga Leader Certification April 19 to 21. Bring an open mind and an open heart will follow.  This is an opportunity to explore the practice with a small group of people who want what you want – inner peace reflected as world peace, a natural healthy way to connect to ourselves and to others.  Come for the fun, practice for the pleasure.  Email me at to register.

See you soon.

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