Leggo Your Ego

From the time we are born to this very moment our subconscious mind is recording what happens in our lives. The actions, reactions, thoughts and opinions expressed by others become embedded in who we think ourselves to be. These messages get played back hundreds of time during the day.  Don’t talk to strangers is an appropriate message for a four year old but not for a 24 year old about to walk into a job interview.

The Ego is us operating from this small sense of self.
The True Self is the part of us that is beyond time and space, expansive, motivated by love, forgiveness, compassion and generosity.
The path from Ego to True Self lies in our consciousness – our awareness of the Ego’s actions and taking alternate decisions. Perhaps your Ego tells you not to share a new idea with your colleagues because someone might steal or run away with it. Your True Self knows sharing the idea will make it bigger and help create a more powerful impact as a result. Your True Self also knows when to speak and when to hold silence.

There’s freedom and power in your choice. When you decide based on previous experience, you will get some version of what has always happened. When you choose from a place of clarity, you hold the door open for a whole new range or possibility. The Ego is a little uncomfortable with that and you may hear a little voice shout out random warnings. Go through it anyway. Give yourself the gift of opportunity, possibility and a new version of your life.

Meditation is a powerful way to adjust the Ego and clear the subconscious mind.  Try this one:


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