LifeClass and Beyond

Before you read any further – put your hands over your heart and take five deep breaths.  From this place of love and connectedness, write down five things that you feel absolutely grateful for.  Write from your heart knowing that no one will be reading your list except for you.

This was the basis of Oprah’s LifeClass which I attended live in Toronto with my lovely sister, Sorayah.  It was a day of love, insight, inspiration, tears and lots of laughter.

With a crowd of 8,500, the morning session was rocking.  Waking up early was effortless and the ticket was priceless access to a day of higher learning. I think of my spiritual life as an investment in the eons to come.  We had the privilege of learning from Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzant, Bishop Jakes and Oprah Winfrey.

As a small child, I heard a voice say “Salimah, if you want to change the world – plant a seed.” The inner knowingness of that statement stays with me.  Over the years, echoes of it are my reminders from Spirit that all is unfolding perfectly.  When I started Yoga teacher training, the first meditation I explored used was the bij or seed mantra – Sa Ta Na Ma.   That mantra became my companion for 1000 days.  I have since found a new appreciation for trees.

On Monday, Deepak Chopra led his talk with a similar story.  He recounted an experience of snacking on peanuts, and in a moment of realization he looked at the peanut and saw in it the seed and the entire forest and ecosystem that creates a forest.  The image blew through my veins and opened a range of infinite possibilities.  He talked specifically about the ancient wisdom traditions, an eloquent way of talking about the spiritual systems of the east without naming names.  Deepak, I a grateful to you for sharing that.

For my sister and I this experience gave us an opportunity to heal with each other and to plant seeds for a stronger, more vital way to interact.  She was the best company – she has a zig for my zag and a wonderful way of keeping me on the edge of laughter.  She’s the one who shouted “run” when the doors finally opened at 715am and so we did.  Our seats were exactly what we had hoped for.

At the end of the day I was on the edge of love.  Silently, gracefully  conscious of all the opportunities I have to serve, to teach and to heal,   I slipped into dream land.  Holding the promise of a new day lightly in my hand, I woke the next morning aware of the start of a different kind of future.

Many thanks to Oprah Winfrey for having the courage to shape our awareness in this direction.  I say her network is a success even if the media says otherwise.  She is a visionary.  Also much love to Dr Shamira for first turning me on to the online LifeClasses through her blog, Wellness Works.

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