Love through the Chakras – Compassion

April 15, 2008, I was sitting with my Spiritual Teacher, Yogi Akal, for early morning mediation.  On that day we watched a video of his Teacher, Yogi Bhajan speaking on the topic of Love.

Yogi Bhajan has an amazing way of delivering the teachings – straightforward, profound and a little caustic at the same time.

Yogi Bhajan asked the gathered students, “What is Love?” The answers were all of our basic responses to Love – an emotion, a relationship or an action.     For each answer he flat out disagreed, dismissed or laughed.  I started to squirm under the pressure of what the right answer might be.  Little did I know what was ahead.

Finally, he says “Love is . . .” and with that thick accent of his, I totally missed the answer.  I turned to Yogi Akal and demanded “What did he say?!”  Yogi laughed and said “Now you have to teach on this topic.”

I was furious. Love.  Schmove.  My colleagues were given realms of Success, Contentment and Beauty.  Here I was stuck with Love.  Or so I thought.

Here’s what Yogi Bhajan said – Love is the creative force that makes the impossible possible.  It is the most powerful force in the Universe.

In the early days of receiving this platform for my teachings, I resisted.  I wanted Love to be more glamorous so I taught about sex.  I wanted sex to be more provocative so I taught Partner Yoga.  And then somewhere along the way, I realized that love is everywhere.  It is a basic thread for classical teachings around the world.  From poetry to yoga – the beginning and the end is love.  Love of Self, community, the lover and the beloved.    On a daily basis I tune into Love and Love finds me.

The Heart Chakra

The heart Chakra is located in the middle of the chest connected to the physical heart and the lungs.  The associated colour is green and the element is air.  The human talent of the heart chakra is compassion. When the rhythm of your heart beats in harmony with another person they are drawn to you.  They sense the genuineness of your words and the intent of your actions.  It is magnetic.

When the heart is closed, disease in the form of heart and lung issues, breast cancer and/or upper back pain manifests.  The shadow emotion of this chakra is fear and attachment.  Worry is a low grade fear.  Fear prevents love.  When you acknowledge your fear, name it and let it go it cannot have power over you anymore.

In class we inhaled love and exhaled fear to connect the body to the brain and to build a release of old stuck energy.

Here is Loreli with her reflections on Monday’s class:

Here is simple meditation to try: Meditation to Balance Head and Heart

Home Play:

To connect with your heart centre place your hand, one palm on heart when you are in conversation with someone, anyone.  Notice the difference it makes to connect to the energy of this centre.

Yoga off the Mat:

Spend a few moments in the mirror and tell that person you love them.  Promise to be kind and compassionate for the next seven days.  Stick to it.  Let us know what happens.

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