Love through the Chakras – Creativity

I knew something was up when I spilled my second glass of water for the day.

The second Chakra is a potent and heady mix of energy.  The human talents of creativity, sexuality and financial abundance originate here.  This Chakra is located in the area of the reproductive organs, symbolized by the colour orange and the element of water.  It is most obvious in our intimate connections with others.

To work with this energy I used these techniques:

Sufi Grinds

Sitting in an easy cross legged position.  Place your hands on your knees and circle your upper body over your lower body, inhale as you circle forward and exhale as you circle back.  Do this for 2 minutes and then switch directions and continue for 2 minutes.

Hip Lifts

Lie on your back bend your knees, keeping you feet flat on the mat.  Grab your ankles or keep your hands by your side.  Now inhale your hips up off the mat.  Exhale and lower your hips back down.  Continue for 2 minutes.

These are two powerful exercises to connect with and move the energy of this Chakra through the body.

As I practiced, I noticed my thoughts.  Some were mundane, random ideas of what to make for dinner and what to wear to work the following day. And others caught my attention.  this batch was about projects I intended to start, experiences I wanted to share with my partner and how my career might unfold in the next year.

Ah ha!

All of my thoughts, while important and meaningful, were about the future.  And instead of flowing to that future place, I wanted it to look a certain way.  This generally leads me to a dead end.  It’s like expecting to see sunshine from a room with no windows.  I traced this back to the shadow emotion of the second chakra – guilt.

Guilt is meant as a warning sign – I feel guilty when what I say and what I do are not in alignment. If I am awake I can adjust – say what needs to be said in a way that will reveal my heart’s message.

When I allow my feeling of guilt to go astray it becomes a wall.  Behind that wall I can find reasons and excuses to not do anything at all.  And then the shadows get longer, more challenging to trace and erase.

So I drank more water.  I let it flow.

I did this quick meditation.

And then I promised to burn my old stories of failed expectations and open new doors – both literally and figuratively.

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