Love Through the Chakras – Truth

I lost my voice last weekend.  I could barely get a word out or stay awake. It would have been easy to blame the weather or all the germs being passed around the office.    Illness is always multidimensional.  Pain or discomfort in the body is information.  It’s our job to pay attention and to respect the truth.

This is the energy of the 5th Chakra.  Physically located in the throat, shoulders and mouth area, this Chakra is the gateway between the head and the heart.  The human talent of Truth manifests here.    Truth is conveyed with our words, actions and intentions.  The shadow emotion of the Throat Chakra is denial.  We develop habits to numb out, keep up appearances, pretending that something is not happening, to keep truth at a distance so we don’t have to deal with it.    This is how addictions start.  Sugar, caffeine, smoking, drinking – notice how all are connected to the mouth.  We all have something we keep from saying or doing.  What is yours?

Sick in bed, I asked myself for the Truth.  I let myself feel.  And it came.  So did the solution.  It arrived after my voice came back, after a few tough conversations and it is a plan that is exciting and will impact many people in the most positive way.  I feel relieved now and grateful to be aware of the gift of the 5th Chakra.

Opening the energy of the Throat Chakra is straightforward – sing, laugh, wear blue and tell your Truth.  The world turns on the truth.  Start local – be honest with yourself for 24 hours.  Acknowledge what you feel and think.  Expand that to a week.  Make it mindful.  Be generous with your ideas and who you are. Take it out to the world and share of yourself.

To add to your practice here is the Meditation to Balance Head and Heart:

On Monday’s online class, we also practiced this elegant Kriya to evoke the essence of truth.

Stay tuned for classes on the Chakras for Intuition, Divinity and the Aura.



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