Monday Nights for Peace and Healing

“Where do you teach?” the answer surprises some and makes perfect sense to the rest.  “I teach online”.  The world is my studio.  I believe in the pairing of ancient technology of Yoga and Meditation and modern technology like social media.  It is intentional on my part and so I see it everywhere.

As our consciousness expands the boundaries between us contract.  In this way our digital presence bends time and space.  I can be hanging out at home and simultaneously participating in an event somewhere else in the world, and tweeting and watching something on Youtube posted 30 seconds ago.  We all “know” someone in our online worlds who we have never met and somehow are deeply connected to.

Check my Facebook status and you will likely know exactly what I am either learning or being summoned to teach.  Social media offers a perfect venue for the power of a thought and a consistent presence.  This is the marker of all Teachers.  A global classroom like this is evidence of our Oneness and our ability to share our Love.

A powerful demonstration of this is the Peace and Healing Meditations that I lead on Monday nights via Skype.  The meditation night has been ongoing since 2001 and is dedicated to the eradication of institutionalized violence toward women and girls, worldwide, permanently and in our lifetime.  The format is simple, we practice gentle warm up exercises, discuss a specific topic to raise our awareness and practice 2 meditations like this one:

It is eco friendly and provides an opportunity to develop a home practice.  And because it is my service to humanity, there is no charge.  Commitment is the only requirement.

I have not met many of the people who join in.  Others are friends through Facebook or Twitter.  For those 45 minutes, we form community, dedicate our practice to uplifting the world and then we dematerialize.

It’s a fascinating process, the foreshadow of a friendly future.  We invite you to engage, to participate as a small gesture for yourself that has huge impact around the world.  It’s so simple and all the tools are available to you.  And if you can, then you must.

See you very soon.



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