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The Yoga Without Borders Take Action Summit took place three weeks ago.  The emails are still pouring in, and our leadership program has expanded to include people who are ready to be part of the next event, scheduled for October 11, 2012.  It’s an important step forward.

We are part of a growing movement to eradicate institutionalized violence against women and girls permanently and in our lifetime, is meeting others who are also taking a stand.

One of the organizations featured at the Take Action Summit was We Talk Women.

We Talk Women presents a screening of The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo.

Filmmaker Lisa F Jackson gives these forgotten women dignity, a face and a voice that will finally break the silence that surrounds their plight. The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo  meant experiencing grotesque sexual violence for a lot of women. Hear the stories of the survivors and be inspired by their strength.

More information about the film including a trailer can be found at:

The content of this film is not easy to watch but it will move you to take action. You will connect with these women and be reminded that we are all connected.  Our basic humanity requires us to be aware and from that awareness we begin to shape the future.

Join us for a night of enlightenment and inspiration.

To register for the screening click here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

7pm to 9pm

221 Yonge Street @ Shuter

Light refreshments will be served

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