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Sairupa Krishnamurti  is fresh from teaching at Women’s Voices Rising – an anti violence conference hosted by the Thrive Coalition.  Between studying for her first round of exams for Naturopathic Medicine and teaching for various non-profit organizations in Toronto, life is busy and a blessing she says. 

“I’ve been attracted to yoga all my life, and started practicing when I was 18 or 19.  I come from a spiritual family, so mantras and meditation was part of how I grew up.”

“I started attending Yoga classes in Calgary in 1999.  During my first years of university, Yoga gave me a place to nurture my self esteem.  It was a supportive and energizing. “ 

Sairupa began Yoga Teacher Training in Hamilton in 2006, with Heather Greaves’ Integrative Yoga Therapy which offers therapeutic and socially conscious Yoga Teacher Training Programs,     In particular these classes created a safe space for healing and personal transformation.  She started teaching in 2007. Yoga brought her deeper into holistic medicine.  She was naturally drawn to Ayurveda, and worked with Ismat Nathani , director of The Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing (CAISH). Sairupa now teaches a basic Ayurveda Course at Aangen Community centre in Toronto.  

“My Yoga practice helped me build confidence.  I am now studying Naturopathic Medicine.  It is an accessible form of holistic health care.  Because it is a regulated field, people with insurance can access it as an alternate form of health care.  For my own personal journey, it has helped to deepen my understanding of the body.  Everyone deserves good quality health care. Activists and social workers often lack the time and energy for self care, so that is where I focus my energy.”

 Our conversation flows from the Yamas and Niyamas, to Islam and Yoga to the rising consciousness of the global Yoga Community.  Speaking with Sairupa is like a taking a deep cooling breath.  Her students agree – her classes start slow and meditatively, perfect for anyone who is new to the practice or is in need of respite after a long day. 

Her classes are influenced by classical forms of Yoga, like those taught at the Vidya Institute in Toronto.

 “My focus is to offer classes that are inclusive and supportive to diverse groups of people. I really enjoy working through community-focused organizations, because I feel I can connect with people that normally may not feel comfortable in a commercial yoga studios or gyms. “

 You can catch up with Sairupa in January at:

Gentle Hatha Yoga @ Six Degrees Acupuncture or link to her right now on FaceBook.

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