My Body | My Temple – Prosperity Week 6 Abundant Health

 Prosperity includes wealth, love, happiness and health.  Each cell of the body is reflecting the thoughts that we are thinking. 

 Illness appears when we forget our connection to our Trust, our Divine Source.  When we invest in limiting thoughts about lack or our own imperfections, when we act from fear instead of love.  Illness appears because these limiting thoughts and fear based beliefs create energy imbalances in the body.  Illness or pain actually informs us that we are out of alignment with the higher consciousness and that it is time to adjust our thoughts and emotions to connect with the abundance of life. As the body creates illness it can also create perfect health. 

  Abundant Health

We are made up of 70% water.  And water responds to vibration, just like our entire bodies respond to sound vibration. 

In Dr. Masuro Emoto’s book, the Hidden Messages in Water he describes the impact of words on water.  The images are vivid:

 Your body is a sensitive machine.  When you recite a mantra – it stimulates 84 meridian points in your mouth, informing all of your glands and organs of your intentions.  What happens when you use the mantra – I’m so buys I’m so busy”?  Yes, right – you become more busy. 

 Your mantra is powerful whether it is in English or in a sacred language like Gurmukhi or Sanskrit.  So chose your mantra wisely.  Here is one that brings prosperity and abundance.

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