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The voice on the other end of the line is soothing and self assured.  Her voice guides students through the darkest edges of their practice – and into the light.  Grace Dubery stumbled onto yoga in 2002 and was hooked from the start.  Today she surprises herself with how far she has come with her practice.  “It’s taught me about discipline, and given me a channel for my energy.  A shift always happens when I practice. There is no expectation when I come to the mat, no planning and it never fails me.” 

Our conversation is accented by her dog, Oliver barking softly in the background. 

There is a saying amongst teachers – if you are a practitioner today – it has been in your life before that.  And it is always the student who decides you are their teacher. 

Grace teaches at Tula Central, where hot yoga is the main course on the menu card.  Hot yoga is an intense practice.  On a physical level it helps detoxify, boosts circulation, and creates flexibility in the body. It’s not for everyone.  At temperatures between 35 to 40 degrees Celsius it is also about sheer survival.    And a little bit more. 

“My students are like me, looking for a challenge and a connection.  They want to feel alive.”

“The secret of Yoga is that it uncovers your best potential.  It is empowering like nothing else, whether you allow it or not is your choice.  You can give yourself the opportunity to feel unshakeable and strong.  That’s why I come to the mat.” 

Grace gives her students more than a class.  For her, teaching is about creating a space of intersection, a meeting ground for what is uniquely similar about all of us.  “You connect to your power there.  You find your true potential and unleash that power in your community – family, friends, city, and the world. Becoming involved in your community creates a sense of oneness.”  

She takes her commitment to service wonderfully seriously, by contributing to the lives of women and children in South Africa, people who she will likely never meet.  One Love Toronto is a fundraising event for children’s learning centres and bakeries in South Africa.

Join Grace and 11 other teachers for 108 Sun Salutations on December 4, 2010 and be part of a global movement  of change.  

See you there.



One Love Toronto

Saturday, Dec 4th 2010, 10am-Noon
Registration opens at 9:30am
The Guvernment
132 Queens Quay, Toronto, ON
A minimum of $108 in fundraising is suggested

Register at

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