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New Opportunities in Wellness (NOW) 4 Youth is a 100% volunteer-run, registered non-profit organization providing wellness career training for community youth in the GTA.  NOW 4 Youth selects Youth Ambassadors and provides full tuition for Yoga and Pilates teacher training course.  The Ambassadors also have a personal mentor for the program, along with equipment and clothing to ensure their success.  Graduates of the program give back to the community by   teaching Yoga and Pilates classes in areas where these classes may not be accessible.

It’s a balmy evening on Queen Street when I sat down to talk with Caren Cooper and Bridget Keroglidis.  These real women making a real difference for youth in our city.

SKL:  What have you learned by volunteering for NOW 4 Youth?

Bridget: This has been a process of taking my Yoga off the mat.  I have learned patience,                                being in the moment and am constantly reminded to have faith.  When I keep my eye on the bigger picture and do the work, the results come in surprising ways.  I have found people to be so generous with their time and financial support of this program.  Working with volunteers is inspiring, when you find the right people, the energy is infectious, the excitement is contagious.  This year, we have two youth who have gone through the program and our goal is to have 6 complete the program next year.  Being a teacher is a powerful credential.  It means that these youth have more choices, self confidence and a wider circle of support to draw on.

SKL:  You have an event coming up on Saturday, October 23 called All Together NOW.  What’s it all about and how can we join in?

Caren:  The goal of All Together NOW is to unite hundreds of people in a 2-hour yoga class for one cause.  The class will be led by world class Yoga teachers and graduates from our Youth Ambassador programs.  There is something for everyone – whether you are brand new to yoga and want to sample different styles or you are inspired by the cause and want to support this initiative.  We believe that youth are the leaders of today, let’s give them our support NOW.

Join us on October 23 from 1-3pm at 99 Sudbury for All Together NOW; uniting our community one breath at a time!

Click here to register and to donate.

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