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This month I completed my training as a Yoga Therapist.  It’s been an incredible learning path – as rigorous as a master’s degree.  The foundation of Yoga Therapy is the science of Numerology.  From a date of birth, the 5 questions of life can be answered in a practical and enlightened way.  From this prescription of your life, we apply a meditation, a kriya, a mantra, a diet adjustment or an act of service to help you come to your full potential.  It’s a powerful practice in self realization, a healing tool like no other.

My Teacher, Yogi Akal, is the world’s only Master of Numerology.  His guidance in my development as a leader, an activist and a Yogi has been unwavering.  I present his work to you now to set the tone and pace for the month ahead.  You can accelerate your progress mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Look for the month of your birth below and find out more about your own personal Numerology for April 2012.

Here are a few words from the Master:

If you were born in:


Any magnet will attract and repel. However, a moving magnet, like the Earth, has a particularly strong force. You are like a planet this month, a mighty magnet in motion, projecting a unique inner core and drawing everything close to you. You are creating your own atmosphere, climate and aura. Be aware of this power and pull. In April, spend some time at the library and stay away from crowds.


Imagine a ship on the high seas, with all its sails open, the winds passionate, the journey accelerated and perhaps just a little dangerous. This is what April is like for you, powerful and forward moving. No time to look back, over think, or be ungrateful.  Make decisions and be confident with every breath.


People, like life, come and go. This is the lesson of April. When you are challenged, rise to it without any question. When you are faulted, adjust your Self immediately. When you feel insecure, drop it and move on. Let go of whatever binds you to mediocrity this month. Be excellent.


Love is the theme for April. When you feel love you may have overlooked someone. When you don’t feel love you are probably not seeing the obvious right in front of you. Love is neither dependent nor co-dependent. It is neither alone nor shared. It is your nature, simple and refined, always present and never lacking. Enjoy the experience and see it everywhere. Do not complain about anything this month.


Whatever form Light takes in April is for you and you alone to understand and experience.  The mystical is private, practical and real. It is a time of brightness and manifesting force. What you imagine must happen, so be careful what you think, say, project, and desire. When you are negative this month, conflicts will spread. When you are positive, everyone (including you) will be inspired.


When everything seems to go wrong, it is always right. That is the lesson coming to you in April. The process of life is changing for you. Whatever you think is best is being adjusted by a much higher Force. To align and re-calibrate your Self, it would be wise to meditate every day this month. A simple few moments in reflection would do very well.


Leadership is the minimum standard for you in April. You are being called on to command from your True Self.  When you avoid the responsibility of leading, you hurt your own heart. When you rise to it, all hearts are lifted. The good news is that you have the capacity. The bad news is that you may not be popular.  Create a vision and share it.


Relationships, relationships, relationships.  That is the purpose, lesson and mantra of the month. It is sometimes called the balance of overlords and underlords. In other words, knowing how, when, where, and who to serve, satisfy, communicate with and relate to above and below you. You are not alone for a single second in April. Your soul mates are everywhere.


Depression is a word often used incorrectly. We usually mean something unpleasant like a bad day or a passing mood. However real depression is a serious and treatable illness. When you catch it in time, you can avoid days and sometimes years of pain. This month, avoid all negativity and assist those who are mired in it themselves. One kind word can change everything. In April you can combat depressive states of mind. You may want to try including steamed celery with crushed red chili peppers in your diet to feed your nerves and of course do your best to avoid processed sugar this month. Better yet, have others over for dinner and feed them well.


This month you are focused on work. View all work as service and do it without complaint or question. Neutrality is your personal mentor, guide and frame of reference in April.  This not a time for vacations, physically or mentally. It is time to be serious, calm, practical, effective, and organized. When you react you will lose. When you do what has to be done (with a smile), you will be happy.


All Yoga is good, but some postures are better than others for a specific person, situation or treatment. This month you need to exercise. Each week, choose one exercise that you can handle and do it every day with the discipline of an athlete. If you add this to your daily repertoire as a personal challenge, you will be able to handle anything, especially the unexpected.


A man has one halo. A woman has two. A holy revered person has three. This thin line of light reflects a destiny, an immune system, a self-esteem, a sacredness. When you are clear the halo is beautiful and smooth. When you are chaotic your arc is dull and broken. Even a criminal can have a lovely halo or two. It is a perfect protection from both internal and external negative traffic and congestion. So this month, make your halo ideal with meditation, concentration and study.

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