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Sometimes advice comes from the least expected places.  Other times it happens right on queue from that book you knew you needed to read.  Here are my three slices for 2012.  Because really, saving time and energy is the best thing to do in 2012.  Knowing that it is time to have a series of firsts is really important.  So that we live as we truly are – magnificent creations of god consciousness.

1. When people show you who they are  – believe them!

This brilliant sound bite came from Iyanla Vanzant.  Iyanla was co-hosting Oprah’s Life class in November and when she said this –  all sorts of lights and buzzers went off for me.  Here’s to letting people live their truth in 2012 – no arguing or making things other than what they are.  It’s a game changer.  All you have to do is believe what someone else says about their reality.  And then exercise some patience while you watch it all play out.  What you get out of being patient is patience.

2. Acknowledge your shadow.

There is oneness and beingness and there is separation and aloneness.  The part of us who looks to divide, to separate – give it a hug.  Recognize it so the shame lessens and soon you don’t even do that deed anymore – the food, the sex, the drugs, the drinks, the perfect mum, the shopping trips. The fights that you picked because you felt like shit and needed someone else to feel it for you.  In the remembrance of illusion there is this shadow.  The shadow wants as all of us do – acknowledgement.  Nothing more.      From shadow we all return to love.

3. Thoughts become things

This small teaching summarized just about everything I have read this year – from ancient classical texts to books downloaded to my Ipad2.  The highlights got transfer to twitter and Facebook via my blackberry – I guess you get the hint.  The modern and the ancient are the same.   It just a matter of how many times you need things repeated before you get it.  and then you really get it and you start living differently as a result.  I walk down the street thinking my not so glamorous thoughts and then I will remind myself – Thoughts become things!  Do you really want all of this to manifest?  If the answer is no then I change the tune, I add an affirmation, I give myself permission to let go of the pattern of thoughts that are giving rise to this shadow.  And then I chose another thought.

Special mention also goes to my Nanima.  No other words of advice some to me as quickly as this one phrase.  She would say to me “Your time and God’s time may not be the same time – but God is never late.”

All the best to you, to your loved ones, to your shadow and to all that you aspire to become.  May your time be now.

With love,


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