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Spiritual laws govern all that we do.  Whether we like it or not; whether we believe it or not.  It’s like gravity.  We don’t know exactly how it works but it governs how we live on this planet.

Recently the conversations in my world have been around money – the not having of money.  So first of all money is what money does.  There is no energy attached to money.  It is what it is and the rest is what we bring to it in the form of our history, background and experiences.  All of this can be re-written and expressed in a new way.  In fact, prosperity and abundance is our birthright.  What we deny is our legacy.

The second part is that money (or anything for that matter) doesn’t show up until and unless you commit to having it.  In the words of one of my students, “When I get money from my next acting job, I will ask my partner to marry me.”   Hmmm.  Can you spot the flaws that will stop all of this from happening?

The first step is the commitment. Commitment builds character and caliber.  First take a stand, ask your partner to make a long term commitment with you.  And then the rest shows up to uphold that direction and that powerful desire, iIncluding the paid acting gig.  Until then, the acting will be at half mast (because we really don’t want money because we really don’t want to be committed to the acting or to the partner).  And even if that is not a conscious act – it become part of how we operate in the world.  It takes time and practice to neutralize these old habits.

That’s where Yoga becomes really helpful.  The movements, the meditations, the devotion and service all lead to new opportunities to test and challenge our ideas of what is possible.  Yoga is a tool for transformation because it creates a wedge between what has been and what can be.   The rest is up to you.  Can you handle seeing yourself in a new way without all the old stories?

So you say you are ready.  Here is the meditation to get you going.  3 minutes per day for 11 days.

I double dog dare you.



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