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This week the YogaVision Studio was closed for Easter Monday.  Of course everyone got a little homework.

Join the gang by practicing this meditation:   

Seven Wave Sat Nam Meditation

Love Through the Chakras, is an eight week course that I am currently teaching at the studio.  The course is inspired by “The Eight Human Talents” by Gurmukh.  Gurmukh was one of Yogi Bhajan’s first students and runs a Kundalini Yoga centre in Los Angeles and New York called Golden Bridge.  

During my Yoga teacher training in 2006, this book was one of my main references.  It is a clear and loving description of Kundalini Yoga, The Chakras and the science behind mantras, mudras and the power of meditation.  Yogi Bhajan’s quotes are the corner stone for Gurmukh’s writing. 

Each chapter describes one aspect of the Chakra system – the human talent, shadow, colour, and a physical practice and meditation to work with each. It is part story telling and part self practice.    

Gurmukh talks about her personal life experiences and those of her students to explain the Chakra system. The stories are universal and show us how to use Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice to heal and transform our lives.    

In her chapter on the second chakra she suggests abstaining from sex for 40 days as a practice of noticing where and how we relate to sex and sexuality in our lives.  When I first read this, I was shocked and a little put off. Now, a few years later, and having explored this practice, I understand the rewards of being a witness to my own experiences.  40 days is not an eternity.  It is just enough time to add, change or remove a habit.  Questioning habits is always a good idea.  What do your habits say about you?

Gurmukh reminds us in this book that when the body heals, the mind and soul also heal.  And you are your own best healer.  Taking responsibility, not blaming others leads to liberation. 

Kundalini Yoga helps the practitioner move past the body and into more insightful thoughts and feelings.  Years of Yoga and meditation practices can help alleviate depression and disease.  Disease is the body actualizing a message from the spirit.  When disease is present, there is an imbalance in the mind or emotions.  Intuition brings us clues from God.  This is the inner voice.  It is the voice providing a path where no other path existed before. 

I am grateful to have this book as a resource.  It is bright and uplifting.  The style of writing is simple and straightforward. I use  this book as a point of reflection and a guide along the way.  I open it up at a random page and use that as my lesson for the day.  It is always what I need. 

Curious about Kundalini Yoga and Meditation?

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