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The path to liberation is five fold – kindness, righteousness, organization, courage and grace.  All of these elements come together for Rock the Runway, a mega fashion event with a conscious.  If the combination sounds counterintuitive – think again. 

At the heart of Rock the Runway is the idea that everyone is capable of inspiring and causing change.  In 2007, college roommates, Fatima Yusuf and Juliana White, inspired by the work of War Child Canada  committed to holding a fashion show for charity.  The idea took off with help from two more partners Heather McCann and Randy Alexander.  Together they organized a series of sold out events. 

Four years later, Rock the Runway is improving the lives of women and children around the world who have been through the moral , mental and physical crisis of war. Cumulatively, they have raised over $20,000.

The event is run by students and professionals in the beauty, fashion, and music industry on a volunteer basis.  They come together to create community and uplift humanity.  One of the volunteers is Suanea Thompson.  She is coordinating hair and make up for the event.  She is an excellent example of some one who has changed her life and is now impacting parts of the world that she has never seen or visited.  Suanea practices Kundalini Yoga regularly and as she becomes stronger, loves more deeply and strengthens her nervous system, her capacity to serve the world grows.   

Founder Fatima Yusuf says the inspiration behind this event is “A love of fashion and a good cause.  You can have both and be both.  This was a charitable initiative right from the beginning.  And through positive energy, intuition, and an incredible team, it comes together perfectly every time.”

“We believe that we are a borderless planet and one nation. We believe in putting out ideas and exploring the experiences that come of that.” Randy Alexander is clear and thoughtful.   That takes courage and grace.  It’s so much easier to sit around imagining that what is happening in the world is some one else’s problem. 

The success of Rock the Runway contributes to the elimination of poverty, starvation and rape in vulnerable communities around the world.   This is liberation. 

The future for Rock the Runway is bright and compelling Randy says, “We want to go international with our show and ambition.  We believe that change is infectious.  Change is going to happen through art and artists locally and globally uniting for a new future. “

See you there. 



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