My Body | My Temple – How Much is that Yogi in the Window?

I stepped into the display window dressed in white.  My only companions were a shiny timer and a yoga mat.  “Good luck” was the last thing I heard as the door closed gently behind me.  I blinked a few times and looked around.  As far as store fronts go this one was small.  On a regular day there are three mannequins in my place – showing off beautiful Lululemon clothing.  And today, I was the main attraction.  “Come and do a demo in the store front” the email read.  I’m always up for unusual yoga experiences and here was one just waiting to unfold. 

Standing, I towered over an innocent Christmas shopper.  He smiled expectantly and so did I.  I quickly realized that spending the next hour and a half on display would best be done with eyes closed and seated.   I started with basic Kundalini Yoga warm up exercises to energize the spine and prepare for meditation.  I could feel people outside the glass, standing to watch for a few moments, curiosity peaked.  Being in that glass environment was a perfect analogy for the human aura.  Your aura extends nine feet in all directions.  What happens to you happens in your aura first.  It is your layer of protection like a force field or a coating of glass that separates you from the outer world. 

And because the glass was only 2 centimeters thick, I could also hear everything.  “Is she real? How did they put her in there? Is that her job?” (No, actually).  I stretched, moved, listened and breathed.  With one hour left on the timer, there was only one thing left to do.  Meditate.  And then things got really interesting. I crossed my legs, closed my eyes and began Meditation for a Calm Heart.  Ok well, I didn’t close my eyes all the way. 

When it’s raining out, you take an umbrella or your galoshes out with you.  When it’s sunny, you grab your sun glasses or your sunscreen and you do this because it is a way of adapting to the day, of being prepared for the elements and being aware of your surroundings.  Meditation is the same.  It adds a measure of protection, a way of signaling to the world that you are making conscious decisions about your thoughts and the way that you want to show up in your life. 

Part of me was fascinated by the idea of being the watcher and the watched.  I saw the shoes walk by, slow down and come in closer for a second look.  “Yo, what are you doing in there? Does your boss know that you’re sleeping on the job?”, “What is she doing in there Mummy?  Shhhhh, she’s thinking”.    It was an honest experience of sharing a meditation .  Focus, posture, breath.  Focus, posture, breath.  Out there on display at the Eaton Centre there was no wiggling or clock watching. 

At one point I counted 20 pairs of shoes.  And one pair of big black sneakers.  And as the minutes ticked, they pressed in closer, watching for movement.  “Hey, she’s not real” and he started tapping on the glass.  The sound was unnerving.  I felt a pang of empathy for fish and puppies behind windows.   I held my breath as the tapping turned violent.  I think it was a Coke bottle.  In my seated stillness, someone had come undone.  I inhaled deeply and continued. 

 “Lovely, it’s 7pm, come out when you are ready.” I bring my hands together in prayer pose.  Chant Sat Nam, Truth is My Name, touch my forward to the mat and climb out of the glass box and into the world.

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