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Words and images inform our reality.  We witness the events in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and know that a global shift in consciousness is taking place.  We participate by paying attention and voicing our Oneness on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  We are aware. 

Monish Dhawan, of Hyderabad, India, knows this well.  While searching his purpose in life he began to meditate regularly. Through meditation he found his Truth.    

“I Want a Positive Headline, is a movement.  The idea came when I was in Belgium.   I needed to do something that I had not perceived yet.  The firs pieces of it came through meditation.  The statement itself came when I was editing my book, ‘The Positive Book’.  I felt a huge surge of energy and I could not sit still.  I went outside and walked for three hours.  I had no idea where I was. But I knew something important was happening.”

 “In the world right now, it is easy to believe that there is alot negativity.  The news is slanted that way.     We want a positive headline – just one and it should be a priority.  The front and last page of the paper should be positive.  The media should give hope.  There are so many people and organizations that are doing good things in the world and we need to know that.”

This truth telling is one of the eight limbs of Yoga, known as Satya.  Telling the truth requires us to tune into our highest consciousness and take action from that place.  Harmony, peace and justice all stem from this place.   

“People need to know the positive effects of news.  Like laughter, positivity is contagious.  Positive news can make you positive and the opposite is also true.

“Doctors have known this for a long time – it’s called the placebo effect.  A doctor gives you a sugar pills, tells you that is the miracle drug.  If you believe it, the drug will work.  Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about the nocebo effect.  In this research he found that when a person is going through negativity, that person is more prone to disease.  As little as three days of exposure to negativity can create a situation where you can become more vulnerable to diseases.” 

Monish is clear about what “I Want a Positive Headline” will offer the world:

“What we focus on knowingly or unknowing provokes thoughts.  Billions of people thinking positive thoughts will create heaven here on earth.  We need to start thinking positive first, and asking for those who produce media to help us with that.   

In response to Monish’s work, one of the largest news groups in India has added an extra weekly edition dedicated to positive news in the city of Bangalore.  In Mumbai, a paper called DNA publishes positive news every day.  

“I didn’t know how to take this movement forward – I don’t belong to media and I didn’t know how to make it grow.  I had an idea to create a community website where only positive news is given and positive people or positivity seeking people come together.  I started adding positive news and videos and then I started including all my friends who are positive.  And like this it is taking shape. Positivity is spreading.  And that is what I want.”

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