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Tanya and I were sharing a cup of tea a few days ago.  The conversation naturally turned to Meditation and she shared her thoughts candidly with me. 

 “I can’t meditate, my mind is so busy.  I end up thinking about what to eat and what I’m wearing tomorrow.  That’s just a waste of time”. 

 I hear this comment a lot from my students.  Our brains are designed to think thousands of thoughts per blink of an eye.  It is impossible to clear all thoughts. 

 Think of meditation as a process that trains the mind.  In this process, you give yourself the opportunity to witness your thoughts and decide – does this thought uplift and energizes me?  If it does, keep thinking it.  If not, shift your focus to something that does. 

 The benefits are incredible.  Imagine the freedom of controlling your mind, your thoughts and your emotions rather than letting them control you.  Its much easier to make decisions when you feel centered and relaxed. 

 Let’s take a few minutes to explore the four basic elements of meditation: posture, breath, mental focus and mantra.  


Sit up tall in your chair or cross legged on the floor.  Align your neck, your spine and relax your shoulders.  Are you noticing tension in your body?  if so, where is it? Try using a block or a pillow to adjust your posture to make sitting feel easy and comfortable.  When your body is still your mind can become still.  Its ok if you wiggle. Really. 


 “When you control your breath, you control your mind.  When you control your mind, you control your life.”  I thought breathing was boring.  And then I started to  notice what happened when I took a long slow breath.  Try it now.  Inhale deeply, exhale complete right now and notice what happens.  Repeat 5 more times.  Just sayin.     

 Mental Focus

 There are two main focal points in mediation:  actual points in the body and mantra.

The most common physical focal points to concentrate on during meditation are the third-eye also known as the brow-point, and, the heart centre.

If directing your gaze towards a particular point is hard at first, do your best to “feel” that centre without actually turning your eyes in that direction.

Be aware of turning your concentration to this point.  Pay attention to your breath.  Complete 10 full breath cycles.  What was your experience?


  Mantras are repeated sounds we make over and over to bring about a change in  consciousness.  Mantra is the projection of the mind through sound. 

 Chanting may seem strange at first, but it is a powerful tool for healing.

The roof of your mouth has 84 meridian points all along the upper palate.

When we recite mantras, we stimulate certain parts of our brain that actually changes the chemical balance of the brain.  What you say reflects your reality.  What Notice what happens when you say “I’m so busy. I’m so busy?  Ok.  Point made. 


 Here is one of my favorite meditations – Kirtan Kriya.  It combines all of the elements of meditation and helps to clear the subconscious mind.  It will help you give birth to new circumstances by releasing old and limiting patterns.   Try it for 5, 11 or 40 consecutive days.

Read the description here

Tips to start meditating:

  • Start with short periods of time
  • Pick a time of day for your practice and stick to that time
  • Find a friend or a group to meditate with

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