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As the Director of Yoga without Borders.  I work with a group of colleagues to eradicate violence against women and girls permanently in our lifetime.  When we first started to address the topic of violence, I felt resistance within myself.  Violence was a topic I didn’t want to discuss. I didn’t want to see it in the world around me and I didn’t want to address it within myself.

Over the past year we have been discussing and addressing issues of poverty, rape, war and female Genital Mutilation.  Let’s face it, the topic of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is tough.  The videos are hard to watch.  And at the same time turning away guarantees that this practice continues. Can you imagine not having a clitoris and that it was your mother or grandmother who decided that for you?

The impact of this on our collective consciousness is enormous – that bodily violation, betrayal, and that a girl’s sexuality is not her own.

Last week I finally tapped in and tuned in to why this is so important.  I realized that what impacts one, impacts the whole.  And when I shift my thinking to those young girls who have been mutilated, every word written and every action is a small promise to make it stop.

And this begins my real work as a Yogi.  You can do a perfect asana on the mat, but if you’re an asshole – who cares?  Yoga is a code, a way of experiencing the world.  Practice on the mat is meant as a preparatory ground for what happens when you step off.  A Yogi leaves the world better than when she first arrives.

Watch what happens when a young girl defies this procedure when she was 8.  Many years later she returns to her village to lead powerful change for the women and the whole community.

Take a moment and sign this petition to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation. This violent act is one that women do to girls. It happens all over the world. And here in Toronto, because we are a city of immigrants – it is happening here too.  It’s not just out there.

Take the time to sign the petition. Be a Yogi and a leader in your life.  Do it for all the young girls that you know, for yourself as a women and for all the women in your life.

September is International Peace Month.  You don’t have to be a hippie to contribute to Peace.

Sharing this blog post is also a gesture of love.

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