My Body | My Temple – Prosperity – Week 2 – Expression

Yogi Bhajan says “If you want to learn a thing, read that; if you want to know a thing, write that; if you want to master a thing, teach that.”

Teaching about Prosperity has brought me opportunities to break through limitations and explore possibilities.  Last week, I held the first online version of Yoga for Prosperity.  Woo hoo.  My vision for YogaVision has been to combine the best of modern technology with the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.  And there we were – laughing and practicing together in our own homes.  This form of teaching goes beyond time and space.  We connect in the electromagnet field that surrounds us – the perfect venue for teaching. 

So what does Yoga have to do with Prosperity? 

Our birthright is prosperity.  Having the means to accomplish our goals is as important as the goals themselves.  Our belief systems are the only barriers to living in abundance.  Prosperity takes multiple forms – health, wealth, love and happiness. 

Expressing yourself positively when it comes to prosperity allows you to receive all the good that comes your way.

Here is a suggestion for positive expression:


Money comes and money goes.  It is important to watch the cycle, be conscious of it and bless each of these interactions. 

For example:

1.       Each time you spend (like groceries!) or receive money (like tips!), send a blessing to the person who is part of this exchange.  It is a powerful way of thanking the Universe for the gift of your prosperity. 

2.       When you sign a credit card slip or write a cheque, write thank you next to your name.  Acknowledge the amount of money and freedom that you have.  The more you notice what you have, the more you will have.  

3.       Riding the Rocket – hundreds of people are with you and while it may be easy to complain about it – think of all the people who work for the TTC, all the people who get around the city using the subway instead of driving – drop your token in and say “Yes – I’m taking the better way!”       

For your body:

Here is a short energizing series – perfect for connecting with your sense of abundance.

Try these techniques and enjoy the process, enjoy each other and most of all enjoy being you – because that is where true prosperity comes from.   

Until next week! 

Love and light,


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